Delivering professional and effective solutions for your vegetation, land clearing & bushfire prevention requirements.

Frequently asked questions

How much do you cost?

We charge a day rate for individual machines. We have a variety of attachments which all incur different costs. They do different jobs! We also have a minimum charge for transport within 100km of our workshop.

How much do you get done in a day?

Each job is individual, with several factors contributing to how fast or slow the work will get done. Including: type of vegetation, size of vegetation, slope, access to your property, time of year, and the potential bushfire risk.

What machine is best?

Sites are assessed individually, skid steers are more suitable for flatter areas and get the job done quicker where our excavator is better for creek lines, slopes and hard to reach places.

What size trees can you mulch?

To be cost-effective for the client, the skid steer can mulch up to 200-250mm, the excavator, 75-90mm.

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