Bushfire Prevention

From property clearing to fire-track management, we deliver fast and professional services to keep land and homes fire-safe.

Bushfire Prevention

The intensity and spread of bushfires are often determined by the vegetation around your property, because this becomes fuel for the fire. Our bushfire prevention services are designed to deliver tailored solutions that help protect your property and adjacent landholdings from the threat of fire.

Vegetation Management

A comprehensive range of vegetation management services to help keep your home free of unnecessary bushfire fuel. From weed management through to dense scrub removal, we help to keep your property clear of risk.

Fuel Load Reduction

On both private and public properties, fuel load reduction is essential to fire safety. By removing the amount of fuel in a fire’s path, we can slow the spread and give firefighters a better chance of controlling a blaze.

Firebreak Construction & Maintenance

Firebreaks are a gap in vegetation, designed to stop or slow the spread of bushfire. We specialise in firebreak construction and maintenances, ensuring they remain effective all year round.

Fire Trails

One of the reasons a bushfire can burn out of control so quickly is because fire crews can’t reach them. We build and maintain fire trails through even the densest bushland, making the area more accessible in the event of a fire.

Ploughing, Slashing & Mulching

Our services include vegetation management strategies such as ploughing, mulching and slashing in order to remove vegetation that could easily ignite during a fire.

Tree Removal

Getting rid of diseased, dead or unwanted trees is all part of good fire management.

We had a large area of gorse and blackberry, approximately 300m by 15m running along a slope and a fence line. Brett’s approach was very professional, the job was done efficiently, on time and to a very good standard. We would highly recommend his services to anyone.

Chris Thompson

Training & Checking Pilot

Royal Flying Doctors Service

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