Vegetation Management

For many of our customers, gaining better utilisation of their land leads to higher revenues and better productivity.

Vegetation Management

Using modern, reliable equipment, we can remove all the vegetation you don’t want without damaging valued trees and infrastructure. Our comprehensive range of vegetation management services include:

Difficult Invasive Weeds

If you’ve got invasive weeds such as Blackberry, Gorse, Bracken, Prickly Acacia, Broom & Wild Olives, we can take care of them. From hobby farms to large-scale operations, we’ll get rid of it all.

Dense Scrub

With heavy-duty equipment, we can clear away dense scrub and provide more usable land. This also improves fire safety around your property.

Unwanted Trees

Our tree removal service ensures you can get rid of unwanted or diseased trees easily and effectively.


Leftover tree stumps can cause hazards, insect infestations and render parts of your property unusable. We’ll remove them for good.

Log Removal & Relocation

Logs can often block roads, driveways, fire trails and other private and public areas. We can safely remove and relocate all fallen trees and logs.

Vegetation Mulching

Getting rid of unwanted vegetation the right way, improving fire safety and land utilisation opportunities.

Hedge Trimming

Our expert hedge trimming service takes care of unsightly or overgrown hedges, giving your gardens a new lease on life.


Slashing unwanted vegetation is an effective way to improve fire safety on private and public property.

Tight Access Areas

If you’ve got hard to reach areas on your property, we’ll find a way in. Our expert vegetation management professionals are equipped for anything.

716 Ferries McDonald Road at Monarto South is positioned within the private lands forming the wildlife corridor joining the Ferries McDonald and Monartro Conservation Parks. These lands are characterised by the area's sandy saline soils, low rainfall and the desert vegetation species, some original and remnant to the area also infilled with long term revegetation. With the support from the Murraylands and Riverland Landscape Board, local volunteers have a rolling program of increasing diversity and vegetation density across these lands. With pioneer plantings from decades earlier dying off, one part of those continuing works are weed and fire fuel load being controlled by mechanical mulching to leave open parkland with chipped surface covering encouraging ground cover regrowth. This is the work contributed to by Clearpath Vegetation Management with our thanks.

Emilis Prelgauskas

Public Officer

Monarto Residents Association inc.

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